Flamborough-Glanbrook Residents Voice Their Concerns over Illegal Dumping

Published on February 12, 2020


Hamilton – More than 75 people came out last night to register their concerns and have questions answered at a town hall meeting in Binbrook hosted by Flamborough-Glanbrook MPP Donna Skelly. Skelly organized the meeting after receiving dozens of emails and phone calls from constituents troubled by dump trucks travelling through rural areas dumping loads of potentially contaminated fill on local farms The concerns ranged from the contents of the fill to the frequency and sheer numbers of trucks on rural roads. Skelly was joined by two officials with the Ministry of the Environment and two city of Hamilton staff members, along with several ward councillors from the area.

“I want to reassure residents their voices are being heard”, said Skelly. “This meeting gives them the opportunity to ask questions to the people directly involved with the issue.”

In May of last year, Skelly spearheaded legislation to increase penalties for the illegal dumping of soil. This, after years of complaints from residents about loads of potentially toxic fill being dumped at Waterdown Gardens. The legislation also requires developers, haulers, and excess soil recipients to register the quality, quantity, and destination of the excess soil.

Roy Shuker, a retired farmer, who sits on the city’s Agricultural Advisory Committee, said he found the meeting informative. “After years of fighting this issue, its good to finally see things happening”, said Shuker.

Skelly said she would like to have more of these types of meetings. “It’s one thing to receive emails and phone calls”, said Skelly. “But getting people in a room, looking them in the eye and really hearing their concerns is what matters. It’s why I love this job.”