Ontario Building New Long-Term Care Beds in the Hamilton-Niagara Region

Published on March 17, 2022

Ongoing provincial investments in new projects will bring much-needed beds to the province

News Release

HAMILTON-NIAGARA REGION — The Ontario government is adding 387 new and 645 upgraded long-term care beds to modernize and expand six long-term care homes in the Hamilton-Niagara region. This is part of the government’s $6.4 billion commitment to build more than 30,000 net new beds by 2028 and 28,000 upgraded long-term care beds across the province.

The homes will address the residents’ needs in a variety of ways, such as providing specialized health care, culturally specific services, or integrating into the broader health care system by being part of a campus of care.

“Our government has a plan to fix long-term care and a key part of that plan is building modern, safe, and comfortable homes for our seniors,” said Paul Calandra, Minister of Long-Term Care. “When these six homes in the Hamilton-Niagara Region are completed, 1,032 residents will have a new place to call home, near their family and friends.”

The bed allocations announced today will create six new buildings for existing long-term care homes, and will increase the overall number of much-needed beds in the Hamilton-Niagara region:

  • 28 new and 68 redeveloped long-term care beds allocated to Crescent Park Lodge, which is licensed to Conmed Health Care Group. A modern, new 96-bed home will be built in Fort Erie to replace the existing 68-bed home. Construction is expected to start by spring 2023.
  • 91 new and 101 redeveloped beds allocated to West Park Health Center, currently a 101-bed home in St. Catharines licensed to Southbridge Care Homes Inc., which will be moving to Niagara Falls. This project will create a brand new 192-bed home. Construction is expected to start by fall 2022.
  • 100 new and 124 redeveloped beds allocated to Niagara Long Term Care Residence, which is licensed to Arch Long Term Care LP. A new 224-bed home will be built in Niagara-on-the-Lake to replace the existing 124-bed home. Construction is expected to start by winter 2024.
  • 58 new and 102 redeveloped beds allocated to The Wellington Nursing Home in Hamilton, proposed to be licensed to Arch Long Term Care LP. A new 160-bed home will be built to replace the existing 102-bed home. Construction is expected to start by winter 2024.
  • 104 new long-term care beds allocated to Extendicare St. Catharines, which is licensed to Extendicare (Canada) Inc. This is a further allocation on top of a previous allocation of 152 upgraded beds, which will result in a new 256-bed home being built to replace the existing 152-bed home. Construction is expected to start by spring 2023.
  • 6 new and 250 redeveloped beds allocated to Garden City Manor, a St. Catharines long-term care home licensed to Revera Long Term Care Inc. A new 256-bed home will be built on the current Garden City Manor site. The home currently has 200 beds. The remaining 50 beds to be redeveloped are being transferred from Kilean Lodge in Grimsby, which will be closed after completion of the new Garden City Manor. Construction on the new home is expected to start by late fall 2023.

There are now 1,649 new and 2,597 upgraded long-term care beds in development or under construction across 26 projects in the Hamilton-Niagara Region. Each new bed means more people can receive the care they need near their loved ones. Each redeveloped bed means that those already receiving care will be able to move into a brand-new home.

The government has a plan to fix long-term care and to ensure Ontario’s seniors get the quality of care and quality of life they need and deserve both now and in the future. The plan is built on three pillars: staffing and care; accountability, enforcement, and transparency; and building modern, safe, comfortable homes for seniors.

Quick Facts

  • As of today, Ontario now has 25,345 new and 21,601 upgraded beds in the development pipeline - which means more than 84 percent of the 30,000 net new beds being delivered are in the planning, construction and opening stages of the development process.
  • Ontario plans to invest an additional $3.7 billion, beginning in 2024-25, on top of the historic $2.68 billion already invested, to support this new series of allocations for the development of 10,000 net new and more than 12,000 upgraded beds across the province. These historic investments would bring the total to $6.4 billion since spring 2019.
  • Ontario is providing long-term care homes with $868 million in additional funding to help protect the health and safety of residents, staff and caregivers, and to ensure residents get the care they need and deserve. This funding will cover the extraordinary costs of COVID-19 in 2021-2022. $328 million of it is being used primarily to address the enhanced measures enacted in response to the Omicron variant.


"The number of people in Niagara who will need long-term care is expected to rise over the next decade. Today's announcement will help ensure we have safe, modern spaces ready for them."

- Sam Oosterhoff
MPP for Niagara West

"Investing in modern state-of-the art long term care homes is the right thing to do for our residents and our staff. Revera is committed to upgrading and expanding aging senior care infrastructure. We look forward to working with the Ministry of Long-Term Care on this redevelopment project which will combine two older homes: Garden City Manor in St. Catharines and Kilean Lodge in Grimsby into a beautiful new 256-bed home for Niagara seniors."

- Thomas Wellner
President and CEO, Revera

Additional Resources

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