Ontario Introduces Legislation to Keep our Roads Safe, Protect Frontline Workers, Schoolchildren, and Motorcyclists

Published on May 03, 2019

Proposed Changes will Include Measures to Cut Red Tape and Save Businesses and Taxpayers Time and Money


Ontario's government is putting people first with the Getting Ontario Moving Act that, if passed, would cut red tape for our province's job creators, help keep our roads safe and enable the province to upload responsibility for new subway projects from the City of Toronto. The Getting Ontario Moving Act was introduced in the legislature today by Jeff Yurek, Minister of Transportation.

"Our government's bold new plan would make life easier for the people of Ontario by getting them to work sooner, home faster and to family and friends quicker," said Jeff Yurek, Minister of Transportation.

Proposed legislative changes, if passed, would increase public safety by:

  • Making learning to drive safer, and reaffirming to new drivers, that it is never safe to drive under the influence by introducing a new offence for any driving instructor that violates a Zero Blood Alcohol or Drug Presence requirement;
  • Improving traffic flow and enhancing road safety on our highways by introducing tougher penalties for driving slowly in the left-hand lane;
  • Protecting our children by giving municipalities the tools they need to target drivers who blow-by school buses and threaten the safety of children crossing roads to their school or home;
  • Allowing motorcyclists to use High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes - a much safer part of the road for them; and,
  • Strengthening laws that protect frontline, roadside workers from careless drivers.

"You expect government to enact laws and regulations that keep you safe and secure - especially on our highways," Minister Yurek said.

Regulatory changes will put people first by:

  • Amending motorcycle regulations to allow for high-styled handlebars; and,
  • Allowing the use of advanced technologies for commercial motor vehicles that lead to reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions, and increased productivity within the trucking industry.

In the coming weeks, the government will make life easier for everyone in Ontario that drives a pickup truck or trailer for personal use, exempting them from the inspection requirements for commercial vehicles.

In everything that we do - whether it's a program, policy or service - we put the people of Ontario first. We want to hear from the people who drive Ontario's roads and highways, and that's why we will launch two province-wide consultations - one to review speed limits and another to look at rules of the road for bicycles, e-bikes and e-scooters.

Saving Ontarians and businesses time, money and improving the customer experience at car dealerships by launching a digital dealer registration pilot program to allow businesses to apply for permits, plates and validation stickers online. This program will launch in Spring 2020 and will be developed through a six month, province-wide consultation in close partnership with ServiceOntario network providers as well as car dealerships, rental car, and fleet vehicle organizations.

Quick Facts

  • The province has announced a $28.5 billion expansion to Ontario’s transit network – the largest investment to build new subways in our history
  • The province and the City of Toronto have agreed on a joint Terms of Reference to guide a discussion on uploading subway infrastructure from the city to the province.
  • Click on the backgrounder below to learn more about the proposed changes to keep our roads safe, protecting frontline workers, schoolchildren, and motorcyclists as proposed changes will include measures to cut red tape and save businesses and taxpayers time and money.

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